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I Gotta get outta this place, If it’s the last thing I ever do!
Please purchase a copy of my book or E-Book to help me regain my independence. The thought of being self supportive again was a huge motivation during the tough patches.Then give it a good review so others will buy it too. Self published books are very difficult to get off the ground. We don’t have the publisher and agent to showcase in book stores and publicize them. You will be doing something nice and getting something nice back in the bargain. I put a great deal of effort into this novel. Not just something someone threw together to make buck. 3+ years of writing and research and a year and a half editing/revising. I’m very critical of anything I do, yet I think this is a good book that would make an awesome movie.
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I am just getting started with this site, so please be patient and excuse the fact that it’s gonna look ugly for a while. I’m talkin both appearance and writing until I get a good chance to learn how to use the site and have time to edit the writing that flies from my head onto the pages.

Brian Moses-Author

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have finally finished my first novel. It took over three years to complete.

Before I go any further, I want to give a shout out to the great folks at the writing center of Casper college. I spent the last 6 weeks with them. Together, we went through the book. They marked every punctuation error, misspelled, or incorrect word, and pointed out any sentence they weren’t sure of the meaning. I spent two hours a day there. Then I came back here to make my corrections in the word files. While doing that I made revisions to any sentence or paragraph I was not satisfied with and added new ideas I had until 7am. I’d get a few hours sleep and get back up to be there by 2 pm. If any punctuation errors are present, they are the result of last minute revisions by me.

Hi. I hope you enjoy this modern-day version of the birth and life of Jesus the Christ if He hadn’t come 2,000 years ago, but instead comes today. There are classic rock songs that go with the title of each chapter, except chapter 15-John’s fate. The chapter is too short and there is no song fitting to the subject anyway. I make up for that with chapters one and two. Chapter one has 3 songs which fit the subject matter like driving gloves. Simply click the link and listen while yo read. You may wish to right click and select, open in different tab. The songs are on YouTube and you also may want to click, skip ad after the 5 seconds to avoid a long delay.

Have you ever wondered why Satan dwells where he does and what he hopes to accomplish there? Our story begins with Lucifer and one-third of the once heavenly angels being banished from God’s presence. Condemned to the bowels of the earth, his cohorts now refer to him as Satan, ‘Lord of deception’. We cannot see in absolute darkness, but we can hear Satan and his legions planning how they intend to defeat God and replace Him on His Heavenly throne. Spoiler alert. He resolves to use mankind as his disposable pawns.

Our tale then jettisons to the U.S.A. in the 1990s where the sweetest 7-year-old girl becomes the new kid in town and meets the kind, yet inventive 8 ½ year-old Joseph. Everyone can see it’s instant kismet when he rescues her from his mean schoolmates giving her a not so nice welcome.

When their eyes and hands meet as he helps Mary up off the floor, they feel that special spark of love. Either that or it’s the carpet creating static electricity zapping them. Who knows. It comes as a bit of a surprise when they compromise on their first choice of schools and say good-bye. To all their friends and neighbors, that is.

Through careful planning, they arrange their lives so they can rent an apartment together while going to different Universities back East. Although they exert immense self control by using twin beds, one can imagine the anguish these two virgins feel when they discover Mary is pregnant. Who could convince broken hearted Joseph that the young woman he loves so deeply hasn’t been dissin’ him by foolin’ around behind his back? Perhaps this is a job well suited for Gabriel, God’s new number one.

I’m wondering how baby Jesus will avoid the watchful eyes of the dominant Globalists who panic over His imminent Kingdom after experiencing their own visions. Terrifying visions from the ‘father of lies’. Will Jesus even live to grow up and proclaim His ministry while performing spectacular miracles? In this day of modern spy technology, can Joseph outfox their mercenaries? And how will Jesus and His crew manage traveling around the country with no money? Social media instantly makes Him famous with some, a novelty with others, and a serious threat to the powerful few. How will He meet with the masses who flock to Him? Can He avoid the Sanhedrin who know His growing popularity threatens their authority and cushy lifestyle? Without Christianity, what will the world be like? If Jesus gives to the nation today, the same message He gave the human race 2000 years ago, will folks get it, especially if His message is in clear, understandable modern day English. Or will His parables and soul saving lessons once again fall on dead ears?

Will today’s citizen feel betrayed because this man of miracles refuses to save them from their own government, which is now hellbent on their vision of creating a New World Order? Will such a civilized society, whose motto is tolerance, murder Him in a hissy fit when they don’t get their way? If they do, how would they even carry out such a vile act in these cultured times? How will Satan use both common people and the privileged class to envision his own wicked scheme?

I can think of only one way to learn the answers to these and more questions. How about you? How do you think this would all go down if the Christ was born in the U.S. today?

So, without further ado, I present now to you…..

My first published Novel!


The Christ, Born in the U.S.Today

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Losing the formal style the bible was written in alone will create a much more enjoyable way for folks to get what God is giving. Aside from Jesus’ parables, I imagine the original writings in the bible were pretty straightforward to the 1st and 2nd century reader. While Paul was highly educated, most of his fellow disciples were not and neither was his intended audience. Jesus came for the poor and downtrodden and Paul was intelligent enough to write at their level allowing his readers to get the full impact of what he was telling them.

We did not invent slang terms. But, after many years, the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic were translated, and interpreted by people who were not familiar with those slang meanings. It would be impossible for anyone to know the slang of centuries ago. It’ll be interesting for people a thousand years from now to attempt interpreting today’s slang. Far out, man. Heavy. let’s go to my crib. Plus, they translated into a style of the English language we don’t easily grasp. Anyone who’s read the works of Chaucer, Shakespeare, or any writer between, knows exactly what I am saying. I had the hardest time with them in college.

During that period in England, they were quite uptight. Here is an example. After a victory, King David was dancing. He tore off all his clothes. He was out amongst all his subjects dancing naked. It disgusted his wife and she refused to sleep with him, like permanently. She shut him off tight. Read the bible and they put it so delicately. The bible says he danced, but doesn’t say naked. The bible says he lost favor in her eyes and she gave him no children. The Elizabethan and Victorian times in England were all about shame and the bible is but one example.

(An excerpt from the introduction) If not for the Christian religion, many people would still be worshiping statues as they did in biblical times. Back then there was a statue representing a god for most any occasion. There were gods which they believed increased the fertility of women and crops, and gods for everything else imaginable. Today’s Eater bunny, for instance is the likeness of an ancient fertility god and the eggs represent the offspring people prayed for. People back then that didn’t know the one, true living God and were very superstitious. As people turn away from Christianity, the worship of statues is creeping back into today’s society. All kinds of crazy new age religions are evolving. People who don’t know God, trust their little gods in dream catchers, horoscopes, fortune cookies, and so forth. Even the religion of karma has become popular. People think, what goes around will come around, yet the Bible says differently.

The Scriptures teach us that evil people will get away with their evil in this world and God chastises only the ones He loves, so they will realize the error of their ways, turn to God, and not suffer the same eternal fate as evil people. He doesn’t waste His time on those He knows have evil hearts. God corrects only those that He considers His children.

That aside, let‘s consider what has been developing over the past century. The book itself only dabbles into the political aspect of what is going on in the world. The book itself is a fun story that leads up to the birth, then ministry of Jesus in modern times. During His ministry the lessons, parables, and conversations are translated/interpreted into today’s English to help people understand what the original authors of the Bible were saying in words their audience 2000 years ago could comprehend. I imagine they understood it very well. I want to give thanks to a website named Bible Hub. This website has a page for every bible verse. Each verse shows every translation of the bible right there to compare as well as commentaries. Some of the verses were quite difficult. But, between this and other websites, along with studying the bible most of my life, and a whole lot of praying for understanding with each verse, I think I did a decent job of making the 4 gospel books understandable and accurate. I held my breath as my pointer hovered over the submit button as I know there will be those who disagree with some of what I wrote in this highly controversial book. To them I say, we all have our opinions on the meaning of verses and I do not claim this to be the bible or recommend anyone to throw theirs away and treat this as if it were. I encourage anyone serious about learning God’s word to pick up a copy of the King James bible and read along. This book might help you understand it. Not the new king James, as it has over 1000,000 omissions and is almost as bad as any other variation. The NIV is especially bad. Some people like them because they are easier to read, but is easier better when they lie? Stay away from those so called bibles. They are misleading and every edition goes further away fro the truth. There is a version which says when Jesus was baptized by John the baptist, a pigeon landed on the bank of the Jordan and when it did, Jesus said, “Oh. That must be the Holy Spirit.” I shudder to think what our grandchildren will be reading one day, thinking it is the Word of God.

Okay, with that being said, to know what is going on the world around us, I mention a bit of what the world is seeing in the next few paragraphs here and more thoroughly in the commentary. I feel it is necessary because we are in some nasty times today. To fully understand what a person’s soul is facing, it helps to have an idea about what the enemy is doing. Satan and his demons are the enemy. He works through people who allow him into their lives, whether willingly or by turning so far from good and/or ignoring their conscience their heart becomes unknowingly hard. Think about it. If someone repeatedly tells you to get out of their life, you eventually do. This is how it is with the Holy Spirit. When a person ignores their conscience or blasphemes the Holy Spirit, it is the same as telling Him to go away. Eventually He leaves and a persons heart hardens. They just do not know when they are thinking evil.

Life’s too serious to take seriously.

Hell is a similar thing. People say, How can a God who is supposedly loving, send people to an eternal fire? The bible tells us that in the end, Satan and those who follow him will be cast in the unquenchable fire. The bible is not clear about others who will not go to heaven. Look at Thessalonians 1:7-9 and I think there is a similar verse somewhere. It speaks about those who don’t know God by live in His Word. They will be eternally separated from God, and that is the second death. He is sending Satan, his demon buddies, and those who willingly do his work by hurting others chances of going to Heaven, to the eternal fire. They deserve it. But for those who simply do not accept living by God’s law (Jesus) as their savior, it is different.

The bible says they will be judged. So, right there they have a chance of going to Heaven. I sure don’t want to bank on those odds. Now, if this verse in Thessalonians is accurate, they will be separated from God forever. What does this mean? Well, first, a man called Jesus good. Jesus’ reply was, ‘Why do you call Me good? Only God in Heaven is good. What He was telling this person is, all good qualities in a person come from God. the ability to love, a conscience, compassion, and so on. Everything else is us without Him. So, if God leaves us for eternity, think about what that society will be like. No one will love or care about anyone else. No one will have compassion. It will be constant war with each other. No laws or anyone to back a law. Utter chaos. This sounds like the condition for weeping and gnashing of teeth to me. Does it not sound like hell to you? So, it’s not as though God is sending people to some place, He is simply leaving, just as the person asked Him to do all their life. You and I would split the first time someone told us t get out. At least God tries and tries to reach our hearts.

We are seeing things which suggest we are in the end times. Take the debit card, for instance. This makes it possible to do business without cash. It would be easy to require the mark of the beast to use it. Some theologians believe the tenth horn to be the U.N. Satan sure is working overtime since the onset of WWI and this could mean Satan has been freed for 1000 years. He has peoples’ minds twisted into thinking their evil acts are actually good. This is bad enough when his victim is an average person, but when he gets into someone with political power/influence, serious damage results. Laws get changed, children get indoctrinated, Christians get persecuted. When people claim there are conspiracies, conspirators get people saying, “conspiracy theory.” Understand that Satan is a huge conspirator. He gets people to do even good things knowing that in the future, these things will be used for evil. Just one example is planned parenthood. At its conception, it was all about preventing pregnancy and handing out birth control. They do not do that so much anymore. Now it is all about abortion. Late term abortion. Even full term and after birth “abortion.” Does “aborting’ a baby after it is born or even while it is being born, sound like a good thing? Some people say it is child sacrifice. We will never know when God decides enough is enough, but these sure seem like the times when one wants to be prepared.

I am reminding myself of Jesus two longer speeches to the people and conversations with the Jews(*1). These took a great deal of time for me to compile. Writing a book in itself is a slow endeavor for most people. Doing what I did was brutally slow. Each and every verse, I copied from the bible. About a half a chapter at a time, I pasted to my text editor to have it there to look at while I wrote. Then, each verse I looked up on one or more websites. I found the site named, ‘the bible hub’ especially helpful. It contains about 15 or so versions of the bible. Many verses I found myself reading each of those versions to find the best translation while always comparing to the King James to make sure there was no contradictions. The King James is difficult to understand, this is true. But, better to not understand than understand a lie. From there, I would further translate the verse into today’s slang.

(*1-See my comment page for something quite interesting about the word Jew.)

The lessons Jesus taught and conversations He had with the Jews toward the end of His ministry were especially tough. One topic was eating His flesh and drinking His blood. Another is Jesus telling them that He is in the Father and the Father in Him and He will go and they cannot find Him. Recently, while doing my final edit, I read through these passages. I read these pages and what seemed like a mystery in the bible, were now written clearly and concisely. The messages made total sense and they are ever so powerful.

Then there was the over-all compilation. Each of the four Gospel books has parables, events, prayers, and speeches. I took each of these events-speeches-prayers-parables, and worked on them in separate documents to arrange later. I couldn’t just start writing and expect everything to fit into a story. For instance, Jesus met with Lazerus and his two sisters. Later, Lazerus died and Jesus raised him from death. I couldn’t have the two of them meeting in Dallas, then him dying while Jesus is in North Dakota. It wouldn’t have worked. There is also the walking on water incident. Not much for big storms and big waters in Arizona. Your going to love the setting and details of this one in my book,. by the way. I had to figure a way to make instances such as these mesh with the other events and locations in the story. The bible doesn’t have that. The country is smaller and we often do not know where He was when He did or said something. Jesus also visited His hometown once in the bible. I had to pay close attention and be creative to make everything work. Luckily, everything fell into place easily as though I had help.

I learned a bit about the nuances of writing a book with this endeavor. I would have never guessed the actual writing would be the easiest, most enjoyable part. I expect my future works to go smoother and take much less time.

The sequels are in the works. A two-part dramatization of Paul’s adventures along with a third book which breaks down the Lord’s prayer are my next serious challenges. The two will include the book of Acts and all of Paul’s Letters. I estimate his first imprisonment will be a good spot to end the first book as It seems to be the halfway point of his journeys and letters as far as book content.

His account of being shipwrecked on the island of Malta is going to be a fun chapter to write and read. When he doesn’t die from the deadly snake bite, the bible tells us they thought of him as some kind of god. Ya know Paul took advantage of a great opportunity to teach these natives the gospel. This is probably why God had them shipwreck. Because of his unplanned visit, God’s word was delivered to a place it otherwise would not have been. Just as the ripple effect works, these people told others, and those others told more and so on. Something imaginative and fun could be written there without stepping on the bibles proverbial toes. A novel is not meant to be treated as scripture. Paul mentions, in one of his letters, all the trials he experienced as a way of listing his credentials as one of God’s loyal servants. He is defending himself against false teachers who have apparently attempted to give him a bad name. In fact, if not for him mentioning these events, aside from Malta, we would never know these things happened.

While I intend to do research on these events, I suspect there will not be much information other than the slow reading analysis of his character, and other boring what-nots, that scholars are famous for, to sound intelligent and fill pages. These unwritten events will be good opportunities to do some harmless embellishment to further give the book some flavor. Just off the top of my head, he mentions getting stoned, er, being stoned, and at least one other shipwreck. Scattering several chapters throughout the 2 books with page turning details about how these events could have gone down is going to be a blast to write. Won’t be too shabby for the reader, either.

The books will contain all the serious material as well. Paul gives us a plethora of meaningful life application lessons in his books. He really takes the torch where Jesus left off. The way I see it, Jesus laid the groundwork by outlining how we, as His children, are to live. Paul put these principles into action with practical application. As with my first book, I spent a great deal of time “translating” every verse from the stuffy and difficult to understand English of King James into modern words today’s audience can easily grasp.

I’ve got about 80,000 words between the two books. I need at least 120,000 between them. 60,000 is the minimum for a novel. Ideally, I would like 80,000 each. So, I figure I am half way there, minus the editing, compiling, making a cover, and so one, and what not. And let’s not forget the yada-yada-yada. Man, there is so much behind the scenes work involved in getting a book from one’s mind to the reader.

Another idea I am tinkering with is writing a book for people, like me, who are older and or have suffered serious injury and need to get back in shape. My first accident was in 1984. My knee was ripped to shreds and my lower leg was close to amputation from a motorcycle accident. I’ve been going to physical therapy here and there since then. One big key most everyone ignores (including physical therapists because it is time consuming and insurance doesn’t want to pay) is stretching. I took freshman gymnastics class with gold medal gymnast, Tim Daggett. He won the gold the same year as Mary Lou Retton. I remember her telling us that stretching, both before and after a workout, is more beneficial than the work out itself. She said, “A stretched muscle is a big muscle, and a big muscle is a strong muscle.” This book will stay on the back burner until the more important works are finished. Although I have some valuable tips I learned to offer. But, there are plenty of non-Christians writing these types of books, so maybe I should leave it to them. No one has written a book like ‘The Christ, Born in the U.S.Today’, or the two books I’m in the middle of about the acts of the Apostles with Paul’s letters in modern times. I’ve already done the hard part with the research and writing what Paul said. Now I need only to write some story line. Some page filling action that will keep a reader interested enough they will barely realize they are reading and learning the bible.

I have a twelve children’s book series written. I am waiting on my artist to draw the pictures. He’s a good artist, but not highly motivated. I am extremely pleased with how well the books came out. Mom always told me I should write children’s books. She was right. Who knew? To learn about them, click the link below this sentence. I started a few other books in the past and set each aside to finish later. One day, the idea for this book just popped into my head out of nowhere. It was the same with the best chapters of the book. I wasn’t thinking, ‘Okay, how do I write about such-and-such an event’ and thought of an idea. The ideas just came to me. Usually as I was falling asleep. All I had to do was write them down and expand on the concept. A lot has happened in an attempt to stop me from writing this book.

I was enrolled in a bible study program at the Casper, Wyoming homeless shelter. I told the director David Mathews I was writing a book and had my draft finished. I told him I needed only to add some pages, describe the scenery, as I worded it. A few weeks later, I informed him I was out of oxygen and the oxygen company refused to bring me replacement tanks. I also asked him about an advocate to get physical therapy for my back so I could maybe walk again without a crutch. After getting my signature on some release forms, he moved me from the comfortable house where the other guys in the program stayed, to the upstairs dorm where the homeless people slept. A week later, going upstairs to get my bible for class, I got dizzy and fell down the flight of stairs. I remember reaching for a handrail, but the only rail was on the side I used my hand to hold my crutch.

I suffered a bad concussion and further injured my spine. I haven’t walked since. The worst part was, he stole my brand new Motobecane bicycle (for physical therapy), several personal items, and yes, the CD with all my chapters. Good thing for me I had them saved in Corel’s word perfect, so he most likely could not read them. I lost a good $300 in groceries as well. I had my half of the fridge and my cabinets stocked to the hilt.

I hadn’t eaten well in a couple years and I splurged. He even stole all my paperwork which included the title to my motor-home parked in Arizona. My transmission gave out, so I left it there to go to the bible study program. How do I know it was him? I don’t think he personally took my property, but no one blows their nose there without his okay. The man has his fingers in everything. When the employee here went to get my belongings there, he came back and told me Dave claimed I gave my brand new Motabecane to some new student I probably spoke to three times. Interesting that this student already graduated and Mr Mathews let him come back to have a place to stay. One of his favorites, I suppose.

I rode my bike three short times. It still had the nubbies on it’s tires and was still under the ‘return it if not completely satisfied for a full refund’. policy. I saved for quite a while before buying that thousand dollar bike. I told people Medicaid paid for it because I didn’t want the other students pressuring me for money as I received disability. (Now the Gov keeps it because I am here) They are all able to work. They simply choose not to. I figured it would be the last bike I will ever own and wanted a nice one for once. The shelter has a donation store, ‘Rescued Treasures’ and Mr Mathews shows a big interest in that part of the shelter too, even though it concerns him not. The worst part was the book. It’s impossible to re-write something just the way ya had it. It was also discouraging. I wanted to say, ‘forget it. Wasn’t meant to be’.

Then I thought about 2+ years prior when I was just starting the book. I was in the hospital at Reno, Nevada. It was there I learned I had emphysema and heart disease. I was living in my boat, in a parking lot. A very caring police officer came to visit me and my small dog. He saw I was not doing so well and asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. I was worried about my truck, boat and Buddy. He assured me Buddy would be okay and waiting for me at the dog shelter. I agreed. An ambulance came.

I cannot remember the sequence of events after this. I do remember a nice lady asking me for the address of an emergency contact. She told me it was really important. I told her I didn’t know the exact address, but my sister lived near Horse-tooth Mountain in Ft Collins, CO. I gave the details I did know, and she told me they are pretty good at figuring out the rest. I remember waking up in the intensive care unit. I remember, and I think this happened before intensive care, I felt a gentle tug on my ankle. This woke me up. I didn’t think too much of this as it happened twice before over the past week, or so, in my boat. However, after looking down at my feet and seeing no one anywhere near them, I looked straight forward. I was lying on my side.

I saw about 15 doctors lined up side-by-side. They were all looking at me with frowny faces. I wondered what I had done to piss them off. I’ve been known to walk and talk in my sleep. In fact, people have told me I do it so well; they take a while to realize I am not awake. After intensive care, they took me to a room where I was having my heart monitored. I had 5 small heart attacks and learned I also have a bubble in the aorta artery, along with the heart disease they referred to as a ‘fatty heart’. I guess this is semi-common for people with emphysema. hypothyroid also causes heart disease, and I had’t taken my Synthroid in over a year.

Out of curiosity, I asked my doctor, “What was the deal with all you guys standing there looking at me like I committed a crime’? He chuckled and asked, ‘You don’t remember’? I told Him, ‘No’. (As if anyone would) He then informed me I was dead for 10 minutes. I had no heartbeat, oxygen level was zero and carbon dioxide level was through the roof, as he phrased it. I asked him how they revived me. I was wondering if they used those electric shocker thingies. He told me, ‘No, there is a Do Not Revive order in your medical history chart’. I thought to myself, and let them know later, ‘There’s a big difference between not wanting to be kept alive on a machine for years, and to be given mouth to mouth or whatever is necessary to revive a person.

Anyway, this time I found out what was going on with the ankle tugs I felt in the past and had people, doctors and nurses, there to see what was actually happening and tell me about it. Until then, I thought it had to do with sleep Apnea. Sometimes I will dream I am underwater & swimming to the surface. When I reach the top, I wake up and gasp for air, as I am very much out of breath.

People tell me, “God wanted you to live for a reason.” God rarely steps in on earthly events, so, I don’t know. If he did, Why, I ask myself? But, since He did bring me back, and because I learned how bad my health is, I felt an urgency to finish my book. Not to rush, but to keep at it diligently and to do a good job. I’d always wanted to write as a kid, but I never had the self confidence. My family, including older siblings, raised me to believe I am worthless trash, and things like that tend to destroy a person’s self image. It’s kind of funny because growing up, I think I somehow gave people the impression I was full of myself. I didn’t even realize I was compensating for how I really felt about myself.

God works in funny ways. Even though I lost my original version of the book, I did remember the basic concepts. In the bible study program, there were good teachers, aside from Mathews. I felt real uncomfortable around him from day one. His big new tattoo of a bible verse was but one reason, as God tells us not to tattoo or scar our bodies. I think the spirit in him, did not like the Holy Spirit in me, either.

Another teacher explained a deeper meaning of the Good Samaritan parable, which is both mind blowing and obvious once explained. I included it in the book, of course. All kinds of little things I learned during my life that I am surprised I remember, were helpful to the book. One tidbit I learned years ago is a detail about how they crucified a person not many people are aware of. I saw this on the history channel. It explains why they broke the other two’s legs. This too is in the book.

I tell you what, though; If some of these incidents weren’t the work of the evil one, ice cream has bones. If God wasn’t in my corner looking out for me, I’ma ghost-writer. And who knows about the parts I had originally written. Maybe my re-write came out better than the first. I guess I will never know. I am never happy with what I do, so I imagine there will be many editions/revisions over the coming years, should my body hold up. In the mean-time, this is one of the few things in my life I actually think I did a good job doing. I read it over and was quite impressed. I think you will like it too, should you read it, and I hope you do read it.

Life events, such as having most of my belongings stolen, can have an upside, I realize now. I may have lost a bunch of material things during this particular event. Especially items I had to leave in my motor-home to go to the program. I had a choice of staying there until I could afford the 5 grand to repair a rig worth 2 grand tops, or go to the bible study program. I walked away from everything I could not carry on a Greyhound. My mom had given me an afghan she knitted. It won the blue ribbon at the local fair in my home-town. It was hard to leave that behind. All sorts of tools including leather craft tools, I left behind. But I learned a few valuable things in the classes I can now share with people who read the book. If one person gains salvation because of my book, I will have gained one treasure we are supposed to focus on. Am I right? To have people come up to me and say, ‘Thanks, man. If not for your book, I would be down there’. That’s a treasure worth sacrificing for.

I presently reside in a nursing/physical rehab home, which blows. But, if I weren’t here, bored out of my mind, would I have found the discipline to keep on writing? Even if the the CD was not stolen, who knows if I would have finished it by now, or not. Before I came here, my progress was a little here and a little there. I often did not have WiFi, so I could not do the necessary research. I was always dealing with problems with my crappy motor-home, so time to concentrate on a book was at a premium. After I had been here a while, I was going at it for 12-14 hours a day. Day after day, for 7 or 8 months. Some days I felt burned out and decide ‘I won’t work on it today’. Then I would say to myself, ‘I just want to read what I wrote yesterday, or write a sentence I had thought of before I forget’. Next thing I know, it is 7 am. I’d get a few hours sleep and start again.

I tell you what though. Now that the book is done, I am addicted to writing. I have more books in me. I hope to get out of here and somehow get a nice dependable motor-home and do my writing in a peaceful atmosphere like on the beach and in the mountains. Being in a nursing home, breathing the dust made from diseased peoples skin cannot be good for a person. Most the old people here are not capable of having an intelligent conversation, their minds are so shot. Some drool in a corner all day, they are so full of chemical straight-jacket drugs to make them easier to baby-sit. I had two room-mates die in the bed next to me. Having a corpse almost in arms reach all night kinda freaks one out. Sure freaked my brain. I tend to isolate myself in my room all day. I think God wanted me here for a reason and I hope the reason is finished. I should be out having fellowship with others.

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